Value-Add Nonwoven Rolls

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The low pressure alternative—excels in wringer, feeder and vacuum applications


NCCM® NT is a competitively-priced nonwoven roll meant for low pressure pinch/feed, wringer and transport applications. Due to its nonwoven nature, the NCCM® NT possess high porosity; as a vacuum roll, this feature allows for absorption of fluid and excellent drying. Connect with an NCCM representative to get started and find your VAR (value-added reseller).

Product Positioning

Cost competitive LOW PRESSURE feeder or wringer ALTERNATIVE Roll for special VACUUM applications

Technical Specs


Process Lines

Technical Know-How

When put under pressure, NCCM® products compress and form an area of concentrated pressure called the nip. The rolls then decompress to allow for increased fluid control as the decompression pulls excess liquid from the surface of the strip.

When using NCCM® Premier Yellow nonwoven blank washing rolls for precision fluid control, also consider using the cost competitive NCCM® NT nonwoven feeder roll. The NCCM® NT is an excellent long-life alternative to urethane/PUR pinch rolls, and they complete the NCCM one-stop-shop solution package for automotive blank washing systems. Begin custom engineering your system to specific requirements to ensure successful blank washing by reaching out to an NCCM representative to find your VAR (value-added reseller).