White Papers

For technical, in-depth reviews of various topics, choose an NCCM white paper below.

A Win-Win: Cost Savings and Environmental Impact


Take a look at electricity usage, carbon usage, oil cost, downtime and logistical costs from an environmental standpoint and see how NCCM® products can decrease these costs!

Friction of NCCM® Nonwoven Rolls


Friction is one of the most critical factors for many mill processes; see how reduced friction can cost you money and how NCCM® nonwoven rolls provide friction on dry, watered and oiled strips.

Designing and Operating Wringer Rolls


Dive deeper into considerations for any wringer application. Wringing is a vital part of metal processing; see how NCCM® products can elevate your wringing operation to the next level.

ROI Greater Than the Initial Purchase Price


NCCM® Premier Yellow nonwoven rolls are a high-value solution, and the ROI is greater than the initial purchase price when NCCM features and benefits, along with their added productivity, are taken into account.

Proper Blank Washing is Fundamental to Quality


An improperly washed blank can cause a ripple effect in any line and eventually have an impact on the final product. Read how NCCM® nonwoven rolls are synonymous to quality blank washing.