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NCCM  KwickSadde®

KwickSaddle® system for attaching drag pads to slitting line tension boards.

Kwicksaddle® is a tough plastic, covered with a gripper material which firmly secures most felts and carpets. When using Kwicksaddles®, service centers have realized as much as 60% savings on tension pads and other labor costs. KwickSaddle® reduces labor, downtime, and wear on tension boards. The self-adhering gripper layer eliminates nails, staples, and mechanical fasteners. Your drag pad clings tightly during production, but releases easily for drag pad change-out.


• KWICKSADDLE® design reduces pad size

• Eliminates nailing or stapling of the pad to the tension board

• Improves board life due to absence of nailing

How does it work?

• Saddle is built to your board size

• Saddle is fastened to the board, ready for the tension pad

Will the kwickSaddle® fit my boards?

Yes! KwickSaddles® can be designed to fit any tension boards. Designs that are available are rectangular with 2 legs, chamfer with 2 legs, or flat.

Can I buy just the boards?

Yes! We can provide wooden boards made to any manufacturer’s specifications.

What board materials are available?

Yes! We can provide wooden boards made to any manufacturer’s specifications.

A KwickSaddle® installed on a high speed slitting line

Our Service commitment

Our commitment is to produce quality products through innovation, teamwork and applying technology to our customer’s needs.

What our customers say:

Liberty Steel: “when changing tension stand pads, we saved several man-hours per month by using the KwickSaddle® system. This saving is created by the fact that used pads can be hand-removed from the stand and new pads are laid in place in seconds. No need to pull and replace the tension boards.” 

MI-Tech Steel: “When first introduced to the KwickSaddle® we thought it was a unique idea with numerous advantages. After using the KwickSaddle for a few months, we found that using the plastic saddles offered timesavings, board savings, and pad savings. We are now committed to using the KwickSaddle® 100% of the time.”  


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