NCCM nonwoven roll technology


We are represented in greater Asia by VARs and service centers in India, Korea and Japan. NCCM has its own office in China. The NCCM Shanghai office was instituted in 2009. NCCM China supplies technical service both before and after sales. By collaborating with customers and the NCCM global network of VARs and service centers, we provide the best total solution after discovering each individual customer's need.

World map showing the NCCM China sales office
China Sales Office

New Hualian Mansion, No.755, Huaihai Zhong Road
Shanghai, China
+86 021-54503002
上海市淮海中路 755号

Greater Asia

+49 151-2540-4346

"NCCM是在各类金属板带加工线和汽车冲压清洗机领域的高性能无纺材料辊的全球技术领先者。我们的产品不仅能在挤干方面帮助您,同时还在张紧辊及其他方面也有很好的表现。每件产品都是根据客户的实际工况设计和制造的。 Our rolls upgrade process quality not only in wringer applications but also in bridle applications and many other positions. Each roll is custom-engineered to the specific requirements."

Nathan Xu (徐建军)
National Chinese Sales Manager (中国区经理)