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NCCM® RU Table & Deflector Rolls

A New Generation Of Advanced Roll Covers


Patent Pending New Manufacturing Technology

NCCM® RU non-woven rolls have been developed specifically to replace the majority of conventional and less demanding rubber and urethane rolls in multiple table, deflector or conveyor applications. NCCM® RU non-woven rolls are a high value proposition due to their outstanding durability plus their additional unique non-woven product features. All that at just a urethane price point. That's new and that's a revolutionary for the roll industry!






- Cost Effective | These non-woven rolls offer highly competitive pricing at just a urethane price level
- Durable | up to 10x longer than rubber or urethane rolls.

- Chunk out resistant | does not chunk out like rubber or urethane coverings.

- Cut resistant | does not propagate cuts like rubber or urethane coverings.

- Reduced markings | reduced marking on the strip.

- Reduced noise | reduces contact noise on push pull lines up to 10 decibels when compared to conventional rolls.


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