Front view of NCCM Company headquarters during a beautiful summer day NCCM nonwoven roll technology

Our Team

The NCCM Company management team sitting around a table with laptops and notepads for strategic planning

Our Management Team

We at NCCM believe everyone is a leader. To lead is to pursue curiosity, invite others into the process, and achieve the next level with your peers. NCCM’s management team leads the company in its goal-setting, strategic vision, and cultural pillars. Read more about them below!

Brent Niccum, NCCM Company Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Brent Niccum

CEO and Founder

Brent lends his technical development knowledge to oversee the organization and continue moving the company forward into increased levels of innovation.

Jewels Niccum, NCCM Company President and Founder

Jewels Niccum

President and Founder

Jewels brings passion, energy, business/marketing experience, and vision-casting skills to continually push the company toward the next level.

Lew Niccum


Lew had various positions in the company and eventually became the General Manager. Lew was and still is an integral part of the NCCM Company spirit.

November 15, 1985 - May 24, 2019

Lew Niccum, NCCM Company Business Manager

Mary Holcomb

NCCM Thomas Rolls
Operations Manager

Mary is responsible for NCCM Thomas' day-to-day activities and oversees the business units' shop, service, sales, and administrative teams.

Mary Holcomb, NCCM Thomas Rolls Operations Manager

Kai Vöhl, NCCM Company Director of Global Sales and Marketing

Kai Vöhl

Director of Global Sales and Marketing

Kai drives our international sales, marketing, and business development activities with our global NCCM teams and our regional business partners.

Joan Compte, NCCM Company General Manager of European Manufacturing

Joan Compte

General Manager of
European Manufacturing

Joan manages NCCM's plant in Spain and its day-to-day operations while working on expanding sales in Europe.

Nathan Xu (徐建军)

National Chinese Sales Manager

Nathan works on expanding the NCCM business in China and provides total solutions before and after-sales. ( 负责NCCM公司在中国区的业务,致力于提供整体解决方案 )

Nathan Xu, NCCM Company National Chinese Sales Manager