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In Loving Memory Of

Lew David Niccum

NCCM Founder and Loving Son, Brother, Husband, Father and Friend

November 15, 1985 — May 24, 2019

But the land you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain from heaven."

- Deuteronomy 11:11 (NIV)

Lew was born on November 15, 1985, in Maplewood, Minnesota. He grew up in North St. Paul, Minnesota and Rice Lake, Wisconsin. He graduated from Rice Lake and went on to study at Century College and the University of Wisconsin–River Falls. When the Niccum family took a step of faith and founded the business in 2009, Lew joined Brent, Jewels and Cole to become an owner and founder of NCCM Company. Lew had various positions in the company and eventually became the General Manager. Lew was and still is an integral part of the NCCM Company spirit.

Lew was a man of impeccable taste and style, which was evident from his well-kept Audi to his perfectly cut grass. He liked to be clean and always smelled good. He took pride in his appearance, and he was the first to compliment others when they looked good.

Kayla and Lew were married on July 18th, 2009. They modeled what is was like to be compassionate spouses to one another, to honor one another and to show what it meant to love someone unconditionally. Together, they became parents of the two most beautiful girls, Tatum and Ardyn. Lew soon expanded his grooming skills to include french braiding and nail painting. You could not have asked for a better Dad to raise two girls.

In his adult years, Lew found joy in playing golf. In between work and his duties as a family man you could always find Lew at Kilkarney or Troy Burne. Golf was something that was Lew's; it was where he went to relax, breathe and just have fun. Other than spending time with his beautiful family, there was nowhere else Lew would rather be.

May we honor him by choosing to have courage—courage to be uniquely ourselves, to tackle the mountains we may face throughout our lives. May we choose to laugh more and light up the room with our smiles the way Lew did. May we love those in our lives unconditionally, and may we find time in our busy lives to do things that bring us joy. We are sure going to miss Lew down here, and we are not sure how we will go on, but what we do know is that we will find you at the golf course in heaven when it is our turn to join you.

Written by Cole Niccum, Lew's brother
We love and miss you, Lew!

Remembering Lew at golf course

Remembering Lew at golf course

Lew having lunch outside with a friend

Lew with his dad in the plant

Lew and three friends having fun at a work party

Lew and the Niccum family

Lew making a funny face at the golf course

Lew with his parents and brother at the NCCM groundbreaking ceremony

Lew posing with a friend at a golf outing

Lew posing with his hands behind his head in his office

Lew at a Christmas part with his nephew and uncle/friend

Lew holding his daughter

A group picture of the NCCM team at the groundbreaking ceremony

Lew and two employees operating a machine in the plant

Lew holding an award posing with his father

Lew, his wife and two daughters and the NCCM Christmas party 2018

Lew and his daughters posing with his baby newphew

Lew and his brother at the lake

Lew smiling in the conference room

Lew with his daughters, father and newphew on a winter day

Lew and his mother at a formal event

A selfie of Lew at the golf course

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