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NCCM® Specialty Felts

Technical Nonwovens and Specialty Felts

NCCM<sup>®</sup> Specialty Felt ring lying to the left of a felt tube

Wide range of products to meet a large variety of application demands

NCCM® Specialty Felts products are applied across a variety of industries. NCCM® Specialty Felts products include tannery sleeves and filter rings made with NCCM quality. The products are designed to hold up against water, chemicals, high pressures, friction, and heat while remaining durable and maintaining their shape. To hear more about how our NCCM® Specialty Felts products have been utilized, contact an NCCM representative. NCCM works with a VAR (value-added reseller) network to provide best-in-class service.


Two NCCM<sup>®</sup> Specialty Felt rings crossing in the middle
Product Positioning

NONWOVEN TECHNOLOGY applied to a variety of industries

Technical Specs

NCCM<sup>®</sup> Specialty Felt specifications for both tannery sleeves and filter rings


Chart listing the features and benefits of the NCCM<sup>®</sup> Specialty Felts products
Chart listing various applications, such as degreasing, sammying and simple oiling, in which the NCCM<sup>®</sup> Specialty Felts provide high performance

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Technical Know-How

NCCM® Specialty Felts products operate in a variety of industries and applications, including sammying machines.

Diagram of a sammying through-feed using an NCCM<sup>®</sup> Specialty Felt
Diagram of a sammying-setting using an NCCM<sup>®</sup> Specialty Felt 
Diagram of an ironing application using an NCCM<sup>®</sup> Specialty Felt 

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