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NCCM® T-Roll mill rolls


NCCM®’s T-Roll mill roll exemplifies the company’s mission to develop new mill roll technologies that enhance metal processors’ line productivity while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of their processing operations. The ultimate goal is to create cost savings for our customers through improved efficiencies.

They are specifically designed for table or conveyor roll applications, as well as replacements for urethane and rubber rolls. NCCM®’s T- Roll is a high value, non-woven roll at competitive pricing.

Reduced Marking of metal surface:
The better friction characteristics and porous surface of the T-roll absorbes particles, which reduces marking of the metal surface.

Longer life:
Greater impact resistance means fewer roll changes, reduced cost and greater line productivity. These characteristics allow you to focus your labor hours on other aspects of preventative maintenance.

The repairable nature of NCCM®'s T-roll allows you to replace damaged sections of the roll, which will reduce your costs.

Low cost of ownership:
The longer life, repairability, reduced maintenance, improved strip quality and reduced downtime of the T-roll contribute to its low cost of ownership.


    NCCM®'s T-Roll is specifically designed for table or conveyor roll applications as a replacement to urethane and rubber rolls. NCCM®’s T-Roll is a high value, non-woven roll designed for specific applications and offered at a competitive price.


    • Color: Teal
    • Densities: 5T and 3T

    Length: Standard length configurations

    • Keyways: Standard configurations but keyless recommended

      Shore A Durometer: 5T: 72-88, 3T: 62-78, (Humidity dependent)


    • Long Life
    • Cut Resistant
    • High Coefficient of Friction
    • Self Healing
    • • Uniform wringing
    • • Custom Engineered

    • Table applications
    • Conveyor roll

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