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NCCM® RK mill rolls


NCCM® RK non-woven rolls are designed to be the world’s best bridle roll and the top choice for use with large diameter metal coils. It is recognized for consistent and long-lived coefficient of friction in some of the most demanding operations - particularly aluminum applications. In instances when competitors' products have created bridle slipping, the problem was resolved when NCCM® RK mill rolls were installed. NCCM® RK non-woven rolls are made from many of the same 3M component materials as NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven rolls and offer benefits similar to other NCCM materials.

Long life
NCCM® RK non-woven rolls have a unique unified sleeve construction. This construction makes it the most durable non-woven roll on the market for edge cutting. The roll’s long life is meant to prodive users with a “install it and forget it” mentality.

Reduced line downtime
One NCCM non-woven roll can last longer than up to 100 rubber rolls. This longevity means fewer roll changes, which will reduce costly line downtime and unplanned stops. Environmental savings include a significant reduction in the cost of transporting rolls, a reduction in the space required to store spare rolls and a significant reduction in waste disposal.

Reduced maintenance costs
Because NCCM® RK non-woven rolls are resistant to cuts and gouges, they require fewer repairs which increases productivity.

Improved process control
NCCM® RK non-woven rolls maintain tight contact with the metal strip for optimal strip speed control and improved process control.

Fewer coil surface defects 
The porous, non-woven material of NCCM non-woven rolls tends to collect small particles in the roll. Here, it is less likely to come into contact with the metal surface.

Overall, the use of NCCM non-woven rolls results in increased operational efficiency through less downtime and faster line speeds.


    NCCM® RK non-woven rolls have a unique unified sleeve construction. This construction makes it the most durable non-woven roll on the market in regards to edge cutting. The roll's long life is meant to provide users with a "install it and forget it" mentality.


    • NCCM® RK non-woven rolls are available in a single density and five sizes. The relationship of the outside diameter (OD) to inside diameter (ID) is always the same regardless of size: OD = ID + 1.5"
    • Outstanding Characteristics:
      Coefficient of Friction, Length of Life
    • Limitations:
      Roll/shaft size options, roll is not repairable
    • Quick Parameter Overview:
    • Operational pH Range: 2~10
      Maximum Temperature*: 141°C (285°F)

    • *The NCCM® RK non-woven roll is successful in applications well beyond this temperature that have been assessed and approved by NCCM mill roll technical specialists

    • Long Life
    • Reduced Line Downtime
    • Reduced Maintenance Costs
    • Improved Process Control
    • Fewer Coil Surface Defects

    • Continuous coil lines
    • Sheet processing lines

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