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NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven rolls are known by metal processors around the world for their distinctive yellow color and premium performance. They are considered the premier roll covering for primary metal and AOEM stamping operations.

The porosity of NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven rolls means the rolls are “self-healing,” which means they can absorb debris. This reduces the risk of debris marking the metal strip surface. Because the rolls are resistant to cuts and gouges, fewer productivity-reducing repairs are required. If a problem does occur, the rolls can be quickly and easily repaired instead of replacing the roll.

The porosity of NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven rolls also makes the roll compressible and better able to conform to variations in gauge thickness. Maintaining consistently tight contact across the metal strip produces uniform wringing. This significantly reduces chemical carry-out from tank to tank and reduces the need for drying. Because tank chemistry is more consistently contained, both chemical disposal costs and the need to add chemicals are reduced.

Their uniform porosity produces a roll that maintains tight contact with the metal strip for optimal wringing performance. The rolls have up to 24 times greater coefficient of friction compared to rubber or urethane rolls to improve material control by reducing metal coil slippage and hydroplaning.

While the initial purchase cost of a NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven rolls is more expensive than a rubber or urethane roll, one Neutral roll can last longer than 100 rubber rolls, reducing roll changeovers that result in costly line downtime. Considered in these terms, the Neutral roll delivers true value!



    NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven rolls are considered the premier roll covering for primary metal and AOEM stamping operations


    • Available in five densities (relating to hardness) for an array of applications.
    • Densities: 3N, 5N, 7N, 9N and 11N.
    • Limitations: Extreme pH
    • Quick Parameter Overview:
    • Operational pH Range: 2~10
    • Maximum Temperature*: 141°C (285°F)
    • *The NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven rolls can be used successfully in applications well beyond this temperature based on assessments by NCCM mill roll technical representatives.

    • Long Life
    • Cut Resistant
    • Improves Fluid Control
    • High Coefficient of Friction
    • Self Healing
    • • Uniform wringing
    • • Custom Engineered

    • Primary Metal
    • AOEM Stamping

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