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NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow mill rolls offer performance and customization like no other. NCCM® Mill Rolls maximize blank washing efficiency, optimizes control of oil film consistency and minimize hydraulic deformation through precise oil distribution. NCCM helps analyze operating conditions to create a mill roll that will perform at the highest efficiency.

Consistent Oil Film Thickness
Controlling the oil film thickness on blanks has a number of benefits. Consistent oil film allows for improved quality of the stamped product producing a higher quality exterior finish of the automobile, resulting in a significant reduction of scrap. Better stamping leads to the improved fit of related parts for easier assembly of components. Controlling the oil film thickness will also improve weld integrity and reduce the weld smoke created.

Controlled Oil Distributions
Precisely controlling oil distributions results in better manufacturing and less waste, meaning NCCM mill rolls are able to control oil distributions over a longer time.

Reduced Oil Consumption
The reduction of oil used is an important part of the cost savings and in many cases can reduce oil costs by as much as 50%.

Improved Safety
With less oil on the blanks to drip and spill there is potential for significant reduction in work related accidents.



NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow Mill Rolls

Are the premium general-purpose roll covering for primary metal operations. NCCM is the only mill roll manufacturer authorized to use 3M material which is world-renown for quality and performance. The Neutral roll is used in pH neutral environments and oil applications and are made in a variety of densities engineered to your specifications and roll processing needs.


• Long Life (up to 100 Rubber Rolls)
• Cut Resistant / Self Healing
• Improve Fulid Control
• High Coefficient of friction
• Self-healing


NCCM® NS Mill Rolls

Soft touch technology
-Same density offerings but 5-10 Shore A less than Neutral

Available in 3,5,7, and 9 densities


• Increased layer to layer bonding strength
• Less edge wetness
• Lower pressure required



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